Graphic Art Services Available




Graphic Art Services Available

I am able to produce for you a company graphic, for print, ads, commercial or whatever your needs might be.  We have a Stock Photo Library of over 800,000 shots, from Landscape, People, Animals, Landmarks and much more as well.

Let’s sit down together and design for you, your company, your organization, the very best story to tell it all! Remember, we have 5 seconds to grab the eye of the consumer / customer, and we’ll do that for you. Then our picture story does the est! 


Business Cards

1/2hr Setting and photo from Stock Library $ 200.00

(This Includes Typed info you supply)

With 1/2hr Location Setting and photo from Stock Library  $ 200.00

(This Includes Typed info you supply)

Fuel and additional charges may be added depending on location and the travel time back and forth.

I will supply you with a CD the finished card image so you can get the card printed in quantity.

Graphics Arts

Working together to give your company the most powerful image and exposure. We will accomplish this tactfully and morally. “Our” goal is simple, “IMAGE RECOGNITION!” plain and simple. That is our elegant, complex and yet simple goal. I have set out for you as I did for over 30 years in the Motion Picture, Still Photography and Advertising Industry for over 30 years. Whether it was for a Mom and Pop company or for General Motors or McDonald's I will give you the best available service.


First basic meeting will be a 1/2 hour consultation  

Basic Contract 

The basic fee is to cover five “3” hours of work on production,

One(1) hour of Consultation and 1 picture if needed from the

stock library for background purposes.  $ 1,500.00*

Hourly rate  $ 250.00*

Prices are subject depending on the layout required.

Additional Charges for studio or location and product photography.  

A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit is required upon the signing of the contract.

I can be contacted at 

Things have so changed in photography.   . Hoping we can work together to express your personality.

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