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Thank you for coming to my website. A website reflecting of 50 years of photography of my works,

I am so blessed that I have been able to view God's amazing world and creations. To be able to capture a moment of time, be it a Mountain scene, Wildlife, Birds from Hummingbirds to Eagles. There is so much beauty out there and I feel totally blessed. Thank you for your intensest in purchasing my work. 


I receive many requests about my photos for various uses. I have a strict policy of never giving away any photos for any purpose without proper payment. This includes all publications, web uses, and power point presentations. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless some sort of payment is mentioned in an e-mail request, I will not respond.  Some people just don't seem to understand that photography is time consuming and very expensive. Giving away photos devalues my work and that of other hard working photographers. Thank you for your understanding


Standard   Sizes

Photographs are printed on Standard Matt or Glossy paper please tell me when you purchase

Custom Canvas, Metal, Heavy Matt, Watercolor,are availiable at an additional cost. Also other 

media to print on are always be added.

Any Color Photo can be converted to Black and White aka monocrome at no charge.

Custom sizes are also available

Any custom work is paid for upfront and is non refundable

Please contact me about the custom sizing and printing requirements, with the 

photo numbers and descriptions. All custom prints are non refundable.


5x7 ----------------------------- $ 10.00 each

8x10 --------------------------- $ 40.00 each

11x14 -------------------------- $ 75.00 each

16 x 20-------------------------$150.00 each

Matted Photo’s   available

Personalized   Photo’s available

Compound Photo’s available


Payment   options:
1:   PayPal: PayPal payments should be sent to

 2:   Personal or company check  (photo’s will be held until check clears)  

 3::   Bank or money order , photo’s will be shipped immediately 

 Special services are available, as well, such as:
 * Personally signed prints and/or a " To ______" are additional
 * Custom borders and additional customer work is available
 * Photo restoration is available, as well as scanning film or slide into digital images

 Limited edition prints are available while supplies last.

 Each photo is printed is such a manner to maximize the size of the output of the paper requested. Some pictures may be blow up to super large sizes, while some pictures can only be printed to certain sizes.

 For custom sizes or additional questions please email me

Pictures on this site:
Each photo is printed is such a manner to maximize the size of the output of the paper requested.   Some pictures may be blown up to super large sizes which I will send out to have printed., while some pictures can only be printed to certain smaller sizes as I have cropped the images to get you the best result.  For custom sizes, please email me. 

You will be buying an original, high quality reprint. All sales are final.

> If you have any questions, please feel free to email.
> I try to take pictures of animals in there natural settings. This web site there is over a  95%      assurance of that.
> Some animals I did take pictures in zoos or captive settings.
> I guarantee that I did not in any way harm any of the birds, insects or animals in these pictures.
> Ad agencies, calendar companies, book companies, corporations, fundraisers, individuals are all welcome to browse, enjoy and buy. These pictures are only a small representation of the over 800,000 photo’s I have in my stock library which continues to grow
> If you don’t see it here, email me and ask, I might have it somewhere, and it might just be newly acquired and not on the list site as I can only put so much on this   site.

All pictures are registered and copyrighted and are protected under U.S. Federal and international laws. Any copying or use of any of these pictures will result in prosecution.

This is a black Chinned Hummingbird that was flying around my yard.

City Walking Tour

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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.