Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Is their a wedding coming up? A graduation, a need for special portraits or a special occasion?   

How about that wonderful loving pet you have as well? Whatever the occasion, you might think about the need for a special photographer. Send me an email and let's discuss your needs. From your babies first photo's to a golden anniversary. Love horses or a special animal, think about having a lifetime of memories. Do you have old family photo's from the late 1800's and they need to be 

retouched or saved? What about that photo that has been bent so badly it has cracks? 

I am a Photoshop expert who has the knowledge and technical ability to take your photo

back to new. ( you have to either scan it very large or mail to me ) 

You can email me for rates as they will vary for different requirements. From a single, one change of

clothes setting, to a full blown setting with studio lighting and backgrounds. From a graduation portrait setting to a wedding. To photo repair and even retouching. You have a good picture but there are pimples, scars or something unwanted in it. I can change it to your liking. 


If you have a need for a service not mentioned here, feel free to contact me as well. You never know unless you ask. 


Richard Paris   

I can be contacted at rick@rickparis.com 

Special Occasions

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